Hosting Options


Bandwidth is a measurement of the amount of data allowed to pass between a user's website and email accounts and the rest of the Internet. Bandwidth is not storage, it is the transit of data across the Internet and through your account. Most hosting packages have a set amount of bandwidth each month which is usable for website raffic and email. Should you need additional bandwidth or exceed your available packaged amount, bandwidth is available or is charged as follows.

Disk Space

Each hosting plan includes a set amount of disc space to store web files and related content. In a given month if you reach that set amount your disc space quota will be increased automatically. Cost of additional disc space is added to your account each month.

Monthly Monitor

Montly monitor is for websites that need extra attention. Monitor service may be added at anytime there is an increase in website or email activities which require individual personal attention. Typically spam, security and increased traffic are issues which garner a need for monitoring.

Fixed IP Address

Add a fixed IP address to enable ecommerce security.


2048-Bit SSL Certificates Are the web standard for security on ecommerce and other websites containing sensitive data.

Without the consumer confidence that comes from a certified seal and a secure server, a potential sale if often stopped dead in its tracks. Your customers might not know what 2048-Bit SSL Certificates really are, but they know what it means when a site says it has a secure server. It means trust. A must have.

Blog Setup

In addition to hosting cost you can elect to have an open source software blog on your website. Most blog software use a database and require some basic setup and template importation. Our Blog Setup option provides all that you need to get up and running fast, with the look and feel you want.

We are skilled in the setup and use of WordPress and BlogEngine.Net.